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Introducing Waave: A New World of Payments

Hello! We’re Waave and we’re here to drive change. We believe that the payment industry is archaic and the way we pay today is clunky and outdated. We, as society, have become complacent with it, and well, that just doesn’t sit right with us.

We’re here to help the world move into a future of seamless, low-fee payments by cutting out the middleman and bringing back the freedom of choice for businesses and consumers. And we’re starting by bringing a version of direct debit into the 21st century. A version that’s low cost, secure and lets consumers check their balance in real time.

What is Waave?

Waave is a new payment platform for businesses to transact with their customers with up to 80% reduced merchant fees and a single flat fee. Using data and open banking technology, Waave helps businesses enable simpler consumer-to-business payments without unwanted costs, schemes, fraud, hidden fees or chargebacks.

On the flipside, it’s a payment app allowing customers to manage their money from one place. The benefit is that consumers can finally take back total control of their money.

In short, Waave a shake up, here to make wa(a)ves to the traditional payment ecosystem.

Our aim

In short, we aim to connect businesses with customers using technology for simple, fast, and more cost-effective transactions.

Our mission is to leverage the power of open-source data to reinvent payments so that we can create significant positive change for businesses and consumers. And we won’t rest until we do.

Now that that’s covered…

How (and why) did Waave start?

A passion for doing the right thing, and doing it right is what drives us. After decades of working in the payments industry, three Australian payments nerds decided that the way businesses and customers transact is outdated, broken, and just bang average. 

They believed in two things:

  1. Businesses shouldn’t be paying exorbitant fees to receive payments
  2. Customers should have full control of their money

They knew they could improve these two things, and so they did. Enter Waave: a revolutionised way to pay.

The faces behind Waave

Ben Zyl 

As Co-Founder and CEO of Waave, Ben has over 20 years of experience working in online media, telecommunications and payments. His passion for technology and for helping businesses deliver the best payment experiences to shoppers has seen him work across a variety of operational, product, and sales roles for companies like Yahoo, Vodafone, PayPal and Adyen. At Waave, Ben is tapping into his extensive knowledge bank to help 'bring back the handshake' between businesses and their customers.

Mark Connolly 

Mark is Co-Founder of Waave and has over 15 years experience working in financial services. His wealth of knowledge in payments comes from his time at global companies like Ayden as well as some of the country’s biggest banks including Westpac, National Australia Bank, and Commonwealth Bank. His time in senior leadership teams has allowed him to understand the challenges that face the industry, and the ways in which consumers and business can better serve each other. 

Peter Traianou

Garnering a deep knowledge of the Australian payments landscape, Peter is Co-Founder and CTO of Waave. With over 15 years of experience working with companies to build technologies that help people, his passion to solve problems with scalable solutions that deliver true customer value is evident. Peter’s vast pool of industry experience lies in the insurance and payments spheres, where he worked in senior roles with companies like Adyen, AfterPay, Touch and the Eftpos technical steering group.

Are you a business that wants to cut costs? A consumer that’s ready to take back financial control? Head to our website.

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